31 December 2013 – an end of year message from Hope

It looks like I won’t be Home in Scotland until after the New Year, they say I’m not quite ready to travel yet, but I know my SPRSS Family are doing every single thing they can and are working hard behind the scene’s to get me to where I ne…ed to be as soon as possible, I’m so looking forward to meeting my Pei Family at SPRSS as they have pulled out all the stops to get me to safety and I have Wonderful Amazing Human People that gave lots and lots of Pennies to help me with my vets bills which keep coming each month, and someone to teach me that I’m going to be OK, as far as I’m hearing I’m going to live with Aunty Lolly and that she sings and dances and her house is a Giant dog Bed for Pupaloos like me and that I have a Foster Furbrother called Toby, Mamma Gina has assured me that I’m going to be fine there and that I have loads and loads of new Furbrothers and Fursisters from all over wanting to send me their Love, I’d really like to meet some of them!!! I’d love it if you could post some photo’s of my new Fur-Family on here, I’ve put up a pic of Toby my Furbrother x
Toby, Hope's fur-brother

Toby, Hope’s fur-brother


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