New year greetings from Hope

Hello lovely SPRSS peeplies!  Hope here, woofing to you all the way from Hungary.  Boldog új évet – happy new year.

I’ve been keeping notes so I can remember all the excitingness that happens in my “new life”.  Every day I get lots of tasty food.  I don’t think they know that I know there are tiny tabbylets hidden in the food, but I’m a clever dog.  I always eat them cos I want to get healthy and travel to my SPRSS family.

When I had a check by the vet I asked what the funny thing attached to my bum was.  Turns out it’s called a “tail” and it’s for wagging at peeplies to say hello so that’s something else I like to do now.  The vet was very nice and has seen me a couple of times since and is “pleased with my progress”.

The nice peeplies who are looking after me pointed something funny at me yesterday, and look what it did – a phot-e-graf came out.  They said that I was looking much better now.  Don’t forget that you can see some of my fur-brothers and fur-sisters who need homes on the SPRSS website –  Please contact them if you want to know more.

Someone told me that mama Gina is sad at the moment, so I’m sending her lots of slobberobbly kisses and tail wags to show that I love her.  I feel a nap coming on so I’m off …. zzzzz …. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hope at New Year

Hope at New Year


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