Elaine’s slimming diary – by Crinkles

Week 1:  06 January to 13 January 2014

Monday – Mum’s last lie-in till 6:45 am. Diet starts today. From tomorrow she will be up at 5:00am to go to the gym every morning before work.

Tuesday – Mum went to gym and swam 2000 metres in 55 minutes. She said diet is going fine and all the chocolates at work don’t bother her. I’m still keeping a close eye on my doggie chocolate buttons though, just in case.

Wednesday – Mum swam 2000 metres again today. I’m sure I caught her looking longingly at my dog food at breakfast and I’m convinced that the salami stick she gave me as a treat had a bit nibbled off the end.

Thursday – Different exercise today. Mum did a 5.2km run in a not too shabby 35 mins. She hadn’t run for about 8 months, but says she’ll be glad when she gets her time down to the 29 minutes she used to run it in.

Friday – Another 2000 metre swim. Today was a hard day for Mum. On Fridays she usually comes home and has a couple of glasses of Cava as she doesn’t have to go to work next day or drive early in the morning. But there’s no alcohol allowed on this diet, so she had a glass of Irn Bru and a coffee. I could tell by her face they just didn’t taste the same.

Saturday – Nice long walks with Mum today to burn off some calories for her. She had her hair cut this morning and said hopefully that will take a few of ounces off her weight.

Sunday – Two more nice long walks today. Gave Mum a fright when I fell through the ice on the fishing pond up in the forestry. Mum was frantic. Does panic make you lose weight, if so Mum should have lost quite a bit today. Weigh-in tomorrow morning. Good luck Mum.

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