SPRSS Adoption Fees

With effect from Wednesday 1 January 2014 the following apply:

•     anyone releasing their dog/dogs to SPRSS with be required to pay £25 to cover the cost of  administration/travel/phone calls etc

•     everyone who wishes to foster or adopt must have a satisfactory home check completed

•     dogs with limited or unknown history will not be rehomed with families with young children

•     everyone who fosters a dog will be required to sign a contract which includes an agreement that should they wish to give up the dog it MUST be returned to SPRSS

•     anyone who adopts a dog which is intact will be required to sign a contract confirming that the animal will be spayed/neutered as required.  The fee for this is the responsibility of the adopter, not SPRSS.  Wherever possible the animal will be spayed/neutered prior to rehoming.  Under no circumstances do we allow breeding from a rescue dog

•     anyone who wishes to adopt a dog will have to be prepared to cover the cost of transportation or collect the dog themselves.  For EU dogs, the transport costs must be paid 2 weeks prior to departure date

•     a £50 non-refundable deposit is required to be paid by potential adopters as soon as it is confirmed that all checks have been passed and they dog is to be homed with them

•     anyone fostering with a view to adopt has 28 days to decide or the dog will automatically be placed for re-homing

•     if you foster you will be required to cover all day to day costs leaving SPRSS to cover vet bills only

•     our adoption fee structure is as follows – these are the MINIMUM donation we will accept:

single UK dog: £250

bonded pair UK dogs: £300

American Bulldogs/large breed: £195 (single dog)

cross breeds: £150 (single UK dog)

All UK dogs will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped

single EU dog: £250

bonded pair EU dogs: £350

All EU dogs, where possible, will be neutered/spayed but may go on a neuter/spay contract.  They will all be vaccinated, micro-chipped and hold full EU passports


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