Week 5 of Elaine’s sponsored slim

Monday  – Mum and Dad were on holiday today so Teddy, Xia and I got 2 nice long walks. Even though she was on holiday, Mum still stuck to her diet. She said if you cheat you’re only cheating yourself. She’s quite sensible my Mum.

Tuesday  –  2000 metre swim today. Mum is really enjoying her swimming and told me it’s getting easier every day. She keeps racing against the man who shares the lane with her. She says it makes it more interesting.

Wednesday –  2000 metre swim and 1.5 hrs of fast walking. All of this walking is good for Mum, but it’s costing her a fortune in getting her shoes ‘re-heeled cus she keeps wearing them out.

Thursday –   2000 metre swim and more walking. Mum says it gets harder to lose weight after the first few weeks but she’s determined to keep going.

Friday  –  2000 metre swim. Mum swam extra hard today to burn some extra calories ready for Ladies night. I wish I could go with her but apparently dogs aren’t allowed. Who makes these rules?????

Saturday  – Mum had loads to get ready for Ladies night so no gym today. Mum said she can’t wait to have a nice glass of Cava tonight. She took Teddy, Xia and I for a long walk in the rain before she went out and at the Ladies night she was careful not to eat too much.

Sunday  –  Back on the straight and narrow today. Mum had breakfast at the hotel and then just a light supper. I felt poorly today so Teddy and Xia had nice long walks without me.

Mum was happy with her weigh in today. More than 1 stone lost now!!!    Love Crinkles xxx




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