Elaine’s slimming diary – Week 8

Week 8 – 23 February to 2 March

Well Mum is halfway through her diet now and I am delighted to say that so far she has lost 1 STONE 4LBS and 12OZS. Well done Mum.

Monday – Mum knew she wouldn’t be able to go to the gym much this week, so today she did a 5000 metre swim.

Tuesday– Another 5000 metre swim today. I think my Mum is turning into a fish.

Wednesday – Mum was in Wolverhampton with Dad and Xia, so Xia got 2 nice long walks.

Thursday – More long walks for Xia. Poor Xia, I’m sure her legs will be shorter when she gets home.

Friday –  Up early today so Xia got a lovely long walk by the canal. I bet she was missing Teddy and I though.

Saturday – Mum and Dad came back home today. We all went for a big long muddy walk together. It was great and Mum said it would have burned lots of calories.

Sunday –  A short walk this morning and then a massive walk at Strathclde Country Park with all the other peis. It was wonderful. Mum said we should all be slimmer after that!

Mum’s got 8 more weeks to go on her diet.  Please help her keep going by sponsoring her (go to the Fundraising page and fill in the sponsor form).

Lots of love, Crinkles.


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