Mum’s 10th week of dieting, by Crinkles

MONDAY – No gym today, but an hour and a half of fast walking. Only 6 weeks to go after this one. Mum said she’s dying for a great big homemade Pizza.


TUESDAY – Mum must have listened to me last week cus today she did a 2040 metre swim. I knew she could do it.


WEDNESDAY – WOW MUM – you must have swum really fast today. A massive 2400 metre swim today, plus a long walk at lunchtime. Even I can see that Mum is getting slimmer.


THURSDAY – 2000 metre swim today, plus half an hour of hula hooping. Watching that hoop go round and round really makes you feel dizzy. I think I’ll keep my eyes shut next time she does it.


FRIDAY – 2040 metre swim again today. I’m so proud of my Mum sticking to her exercise regime so well.


SATURDAY – Mum and Dad took us for a big long walk before we went to the kennels. I made her promise there’d be no cheating while I wasn’t there to keep an eye on her.


SUNDAY – Mum picked us up at ten o’clock (that’s the earliest she was allowed). We all went for a lovely long walk around Polkemmet Country Park. It was lovely to be back with Mum and Dad again.







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