Mum’s 11th week of dieting, by Crinkles

MONDAY – At last!! Mum was happy with her weigh in today, she’d been getting a bit fed up cus she had stuck at the same weight for a couple of weeks despite all the exercise and being careful what she ate.

TUESDAY – 2040 metre swim, one hour 30 minutes of fast walking and half an hour hula hooping. Mum was really pushing the boat out today on the exercise front. I feel tired thinking about it.

WEDNESDAY -Another 2040 metre swim today. Mum said she’s really enjoying all the swimming cus it’s helping to tone her up. Do they have swimming pools for dogs.

THURSDAY – No gym today. Mum started work early so she could finish early for Dads birthday. She cooked him a lovely fillet steak for his tea, and she was very good, she just had salad with hers, and not even a sip of wine. Great willpower Mum.

FRIDAY – A big 2400 metre swim today. Mum was hoping to star running next week, but she’s got a poorly hip and the doctor says she’s not to run until it’s been sorted. Ah well, back to the pool on Monday.

SATURDAY – A big long walk for Teddy, Xia and I before we went to have our pictures taken by Michael, and then another nice walk when we came home. I love weekends.

SUNDAY – Mum and Dad took us for a 2 hour walk in the forestry. It was brilliant. I was running round like a mad thing, Mum says exercise is good for me and she must know, she does enough of it.


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