Mum’s 9th week of dieting, by Crinkles

Monday – No gym today, but a long walk at lunchtime and in the evening. Mum is still trying really hard.

Tuesday – A 2000 metre swim before work and one hour fast walking at lunchtime. Mum says she was racing against the man in the lane next to her this morning. She said they were quite evenly matched!

Wednesday – Another 2000 metre swim today. I’m sure my Mum will turn into a fish soon.

Thursday – Another 2000 metre swim. I told Mum that if she swam a bit faster she could squeeze an extra 200 metres in before she had to run for her train. She said she’ll try her best.

Friday – No gym today. Mum was too tired. She did one hour fast walking though and ate a little bit less because she hadn’t been swimming.

Saturday – 2 lovely big long walks today. Teddy, Xia and I love the weekends when Mum, Dad and us dogs can all go out together
into the forestry.

Sunday – A nice long walk this morning, but I didn’t feel well half way through it, so Mum and Dad had to take me home. Hope that
doesn’t happen next weekend.



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