Hope’s new life – Day 1

Day 1 at Auntie Lolly’s Madhouse, I’m Home in Bonnie Scotland Yaayyy!, I gotz that horrible collar off, it caused me to bleed underneath it, so I gotz lashings of special cream rubbded in last night and this morning cause it was so red and bloody, she putz that much cream on it it turned white! I seem to have changed colour overnight, I think she broke me!

I gotz Porridge for breakfast with apples in it, and I ate it all up in fact I could have done with a bit more, but I’m on something called Portion Control because my tummy is quite weak and small, but I’d have ate a bucketful of that stuff it was scrumdiddleyumptious, I gave Auntie Lolly the sad eyes but she said “Don’t push your luck Missy”, but I did getz Yogyhurt for after lunch today, I got to lick it out the tub it was yummy, I knows there was mecidine in it but I didn’t care I luvved it.

Do you know the back doors always open!!! I can come in and out as I please, the grass felt really funny under my feet at first I didn’t really like it and kept lifting my legs, Auntie Lolly was beside me talking me through it but I know she waz giggling inside because I kept throwing all my legs forward and back like I was marching.

I’ve found my seat in the house up beside Auntie Lolly on the sofa cause she pets my sore bits and makes them feel better, I love having my head and face rubbeded I don’t think anyone’s ever done that to me before, but I close my eyes and go mmmmmmm. Sir Tobalot comes up and sits beside me, he’s really nice to me, but Yoko is a pain in the bum, she never stops and is always wanting to play play play.

Still don’t know if I like it here, this crazy lady sings along to the radio really badly, I’ll see how long I can put up with it. Or I’ll maybe just put her up for adoption.

Love and huggles Hope xxx

Shar Pei rescue Hope

Hope having a rest




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