Some more random thoughts from Hope

“””  I gotz my ears did Auntie Lollz said she found six potatoes, importantz archeomicological findingz and a number nine bus in among the gunk, I tried my bestest to get away from her but, she’s waaayy too good at this malarky, so seeing I was the goodest girl everz I got TENNIS BAAAAALLSSSS!! We all got 4 each but I stolded one of Yoko’s, she’d of just eated it anywayz. There was fluff everywhere, Auntie Lolly said it looked like Laa Laa the Tellytubby had exploded in the livingroom.

Shar Pei rescue Hope

Hope and the tennis balls

I gotz Peanut Butter today!! Da boss laffed that hard I thinkz she pediddled her pants, she said it was the funniestest thing she had ever seen, I kept smacking my lipz as it was stuck in my chumpy gumz and every time I made a noise she laffed even harder, I thinkz she even stopped breathing for a short while! she’s a horrible witchypoo!!

Anywayz! If you see a Tennis ball van….Kidnap it for us…We want hundreds and millionz and gazillionz of Ballz ……Oh! and a Tena Lady order for Auntie Loopazoid!

Love and Huggles x Hope x





“””   I’ve had sooooooo much funz today, me and Sir Tobalot ran wild in the garden, we kinda killded the football dead, in fact it a flatball now with bitsy’s all over the garden and house, I grabz the ball and bubble butt chases me for it, then he gets it and I jump on his head, as you do. Auntie Lolly has figured out I’m pretty much scared of just aboutz everything, so is helping me by showing me thingz and leaving them all about the house, I don’t like running water or hozez so she putted one out the window with a trickle of water and let it run, and every so often turned it up, Tobester the goof just layded under it and let the water run off his belly, he’s so stoopid, but he showz me that thingz are really not as scarey, like the house floor brush, I really really don’t likz that at all, so Tobes has started to drag it all over the house and drop it next to me, I bitted it once and it didn’t bits me back so it can’t be that bad, I just walk over it now.

Shar Pei rescue Hope

Hope in the garden

Yoko is a…Well Auntie Lollz calls her a P.I.T.A (Pain in the Anchovie I thinkz), she’s a non stop ball of “I Loves Yoooo”, but she plays and plays and plays, I don’t thinkz she that old cause she filled Auntie Lollz bath with all the rope toys last night and a sofa cushion. I getz tired watching her and Toby just slowly shakes his head at her. Her other nickname is “Yooo Fettin Lil Minx”. I hearz that a lot!.

Sir Tobalot is going on holibags with his Mummy Beth and Daddy Tom tomorrow for 5 days and he’s so happy cause he getz to spend time with his Fursister Tee, he loves her, and he’s toldz me all aboutz her, she’s another Special doggie and they run on the beach together for miles, onez day I hopez to do that too with her too.

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“””   I gotz into trubbles!! I tried to bite the bumz of a Delivery Driver and that Postman, not the older one, I quite likez him but the younger one, he haz that musiccy things blastin in his earz and it’s really loud, I don’t like that, I can hearz him coming from a good bit away, anywayz I gotz into trubble for hitting the window full force and got sent to my bed…I don’t mind really I quite likez it here, and this is where all the toys are kept looool x Hope x

My lovely Ladies and Gentlzmen, before I startz I jus wanna say it wazn’t jus me!!!, Auntie Lolly has jus gone overboard and grounded the lot of us, she does tend to blow things out of preppyortion. Now I don’tz like that pully around sucky up rubbish thingy, it makez a lot of scarey noise and the face on it is horidable and that squeezy mop thing is just stoopid, it makes the floor all wetz and slippy and makes us all land on our bumz.

Now! we waz out back and Yoko did start the hole, but I just helped her a little bitz and then Toby stepped in it and it just kinda got out of handz from there, and then the chase began, we heard Auntie Lolly upstairs shouting so we alld run to see her and we took our new mudz friendz with us, it wazn’t too bad on the way up the stairs, I got to the 3 step and realised I don’t do stairs, and tweedle dumb and dumber decided to bring da mud back down to the shouts of the witchypoo, Oh!! those words were very very very nasty, I jumped on the couch, so did Toby, and Yoko landed on top of us. and the mudz was everywhere…….We saw steam coming from Auntie Lolly’s ears, So We Gotz Grounded….I have to say though I actooly quite like the floor,walls,sofa and stair carpet that colour…..It has Earthy Tones

Shar Pei rescue

Hope, Toby and Yoko – grounded


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